Research for Design — Part 1

The Author’s Mess Map, Created through Kumu.
Lipstick Stain on Mask. Photo Credit to Stylist.

1. Are people still maintaining their makeup routines since the pandemic started?

2. Does the Lipstick Effect still work in the current economic crisis?

3. For consumers who are still wearing lipsticks during the pandemic, how do their wear them despite the facts that nobody sees how their lips look like behind masks and that face masks smear lipsticks easily?

4. What are their methods to improve or solve the above situations?

5. So far, face masks will continue being an inseparable self-protective accessory in our lives until the Covid-19 virus is completely out of picture. If there is a design or a material that can be applied to the making of face masks and prevent makeup from getting messy, what would that be?

Display of a Xylinum Mask. Photo Credit to the Sum Studio.
Microscope View of Bacterial Cellulose. Photo Credit to the Sum Studio.



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