Translating Affordances — From Digital to Physical

Brawl Stars, Supercell.
Brawlball Map in Brawl Stars.
My drawings of the brawlers.
My drawing of a brawlball map.
Inspiration 1: Chess Board
Inspiration 2: Back Gammon
Inspiration 3: Foosball Game
Inspiration 4: Bunraku, Japanese Puppet Theater
Materials I used in this project.
Drawings of a brawlball map and Brawl Stars characters.
  1. Making the gates, blocks, and grass on the map with cardboard, cereal box, straws, paints, and glue.
Looking down the map from the top.
A brawlball match!
Testing the affordances in the physical interface.




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Padma Yawen Yang

Padma Yawen Yang

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