Time Capsule Project — Part 3

At first, I was just writing down a few words and constructing a simple storyline for the final part of my Time Capsule Project. Eventually, all my thoughts expanded into a long story with different contents in it. Themes such as environmental issues, adventure, love, marriage, memory, and human relationships are the fundamental elements that support the development of my narrative.

My protagonist is a young girl called Saya. She is my fictional great granddaughter in this case and the one who eventually opens my Time Capsule and reads my messages. In my story, my focus, however, is not on the moment when Saya opens the capsule or what happens when she finds out what are inside. Instead, I concentrate more on the processes of searching and retrieving the time capsule, which are acts done by another important character, Saya’s fiancé and childhood friend, Sam, in the story.

Saya eventually fulfilled her responsibility as the key guardian by installing my treasure box back to her family, even though it was through the hands of others. Indeed, she retrieved the object that her family believed to be ‘priceless treasure’ throughout generations, but at the same time she lost Sam. Was this the desired outcome at all? Furthermore, when the moment Saya opened my time capsule and found out what had been sitting inside were just very common and mundane objects, it ironically contrasted the fact that Sam was forever gone. So, what was the real gain in this trip?

I interpreted my story through writing and documented my writing through a combination of words and images. I used Canva and Adobe Fresco.

Earth in year 2146, illustrated by the author.



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