Research for Design — Part 4

A Collage of Our 20 Renderings.
  • The reason I choose it is because I am looking for convenience and comfort and they fill those need.
  • I also want it transparent in case I need to communicate with someone who may need to communicate through lip reading. For example, disabled/deaf people.
  • I like how №1 has no ear loops because sometimes it can irritate the ears.
  • №2 is very simple, asks as a face shield. Protected from virus and people can see my face clearly.
  • I think №6 is very unique and different. It definitely adds something to the mask and it can be made to match outfits, etc.
  • As a fashion statement, I think №7 mask can change the industry. It’s very defined and original. Since the mask goes around your face, it won’t touch face which can mess up your makeup.
  • I like the concept of №8, but not sure if it’s effective. Does it go on face or you wear it on body?
  • But I think overall the best, most efficient mask would just be a plain mask. Fashion statement or not, some of them won’t be as effective I think.
  • I always go for the simple, comfortable but chic look! The ones I choose are all multifunctional, simple-designed, and sustainable. I am a huge fan of sustainable materials. The reason I did not choose the more “fashionable” ones is because as a lipstick lover, I don’t want my mask to overpower the aesthetic of the lipsticks. It’s like choose sunglasses, you want something that’s multifunctional, something that adds to the look, to complete the look, but not the point of focus you know…
  • The minimalist style is pretty trendy now, I also like something that “looks” minimalist lols.
  • The face chain one, because chains have been a fashion element recently so I can imagine that would look good.
  • The bubbly and helmet ones for the same reason, they look cute but I’m not sure what material might be good for that design. Also idk if it would get misty when put into practical use
  • The scarf mask one I think it would function pretty well for the cold weather!
  • The sun blocking shield, will definitely save my sunscreen haha.

The General Analysis


A fake face mask advertisement or campaign is likely the direction that we will go for to present our product design. Recently, I have been looking into lipstick ads in the U.S history a lot for my thesis and have developed great interest in vintage beauty ads and contemporary beauty campaigns. I realized that advertisers in particularly the beauty industry are people who know extremely well how to manipulate consumer psychology through visuals and contexts. They are good at relating the ads to people’s real life experiences and so, bring up emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, empathy, etc.

L’ORÉAL Foundation Advertisement.
Boosting Diversity In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials. Image via Johns Hopkins University.
Diverse and Inclusive Advertising in the Wake of Blackface, Dana Gullard. Image via Curmudgeon Group.


What if the mask is actually put into use one day? At that point, things we have to consider are not just practicality, effectiveness, and creativity of the our designs, but most importantly what could be the materials that fulfill our expectations. For example, just as the simple yet thought-provoking questions the class asked our project during last week’s playtest, “How to make the mask stay on the face? What kind of material can be used as a means to create a non-traditional form of mask?” Additionally, inclusivity will be a meaningful theme to focus on as well.



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